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Only Ever You - Urban Fanfiction
For all your Karl Urban Needs
Only Ever You

Chapter 1

By the year 2040 the Union Aerospace Corporation had reached the height of both its power and its technological advancement.  The Ark had proven to be the beginning of newer and greater things in mans search for life beyond the planet Earth.  A new door was open, and man readily walked through it.  It was during this fortuitus period that the archaeological dig on Olduvai began to offer up its secrets to the scientists who lived and worked there.


 Doctor Samantha Grimm had held the position of head forensic archaeologist for the previous 2 years, and it was under her command that their first major find ‘Lucy’ was uncovered.  It would not be for another 6 months until Samantha would truly understand the importance of her discovery, and what this might in turn mean for mankind.  Working beside her in the small windowless office that they shared in the right wing of the archaeological facility was Danielle Fontaine, a historian employed by the UOC to document and record the secrets that the dead planet offered up.  It was common to the find the two women working in companionable silence, each lost in their work and thoughts. 


At the age of thirty-two, Samantha Grimm was an attractive woman of medium height and build with the fine porcelain features of the aristocracy.  Her natural grace and beauty were quick to draw the attention of others, but she gave little thought to her outward appearance.  On the surface she appeared cool and reserved, a useful tool in keeping others from getting too close.  Yet for those who knew her well, her warmth was always present just below the surface.  Her time on Olduvai had been consumed with her work and her passion for finding something on this god-forsaken planet that might make up for the deaths of both her parents those many years ago.  In quiet moments alone her doubts often reared their ugly heads and made her question all the sacrifices that she had made.  She did not want to reach old age and look back and see that her life had been a meaningless series of days.  Of hard work and sacrifice.  Most of all she worried that somewhere along the line she would lose herself.  More than this, she worried about her brother John.  The distance between them had slowly grown larger over the years.  He resented the fact that she had returned to the planet that had taken their parents, and she was angered by the lack of value he placed on his own life.  She knew that one night her phone would ring and that the call would bring nothing but death. 


It had been nearly 5 years since they had last seen one another, and she often thought of him and wondered where he was.  It was times like this that her thoughts often strayed to Danielle and she found herself wondering if she thought of John at all anymore.  The two women had first become friends at University when Samantha had been in the last year of her degree and Danielle had just entered her first.  Danielle had been such a quiet and mousy young woman, so different in both looks and temperament to Samantha. Yet over time they had developed such a strong bond that years later the offer to work together had been too good to refuse.  Samantha had always known about Danielle’s feelings for her brother although they had always gone unspoken.  She had never approached or questioned her friend about them.  It had always been her hope that one day John might wake up and see the woman that she was.  He never did.




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