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Only Ever You - Urban Fanfiction
For all your Karl Urban Needs
Only Ever You

Chapter 6

After watching the movie Doom last night for perhaps the 3oth time, I realised that there were several errors (especially in regards to dialogue) in my story so far.  I do apologise for this and when time permits will endeavour to edit the appropriate parts.





The sharp ring of the alarm woke Dani from a restless sleep at precisely 5.30am.  Throwing back the covers she sat up and rubbed the sleep from her eyes.   Her dreams had been riddled with images of John, Samantha and the ghosts of Christmas Past.  A hollowness sat squarely in the middle of her chest and for the briefest moment she wondered what her life would be like if she threw in her job and moved to a remote part of the world far away from everyone and everything she knew.  ‘Suck it up soldier’ she chastised herself as she moved towards the small bathroom cubicle that took up a quarter or her living space.  Turning on the hot water she stripped off the large t-shirt she had slept in stared at her image in the mirror.  She’d contemplated in the past getting tinted contact lenses to highlight her eyes, but somewhere in the last few years she had realised that cosmetic additions and changes would do little to make her accept herself.   Her hair had been the only concession to change that she had been willing to make.  Gone was the plain ole brown of her Uni days.  She now kept it shoulder length and streaked with blonde highlights.  The tortoise shell frames she wore gave her an academic appearance which didn’t worry her in the least.  She spent so much time in her office that she generally had very limited contact with the other UAC employees.


Stepping out of the shower she quickly dried off and threw on an old pair of Levi’s that had seen better days and a black turtleneck sweater.  Her role as UAC historian meant she spent most of her time in the office and therefore her dress was fairly relaxed.  Her access to certain parts of the facility were restricted and she therefore tended to receive regular updates via the central computer network.  Dani often wondered about the happenings behind the closed doors of the Weapons Research and Genetics Labs, but most of the time she was happy not to know.   Occasionally Doctor Carmack came and gave her updates on what was happening in Genetics but she wasn’t naïve enough to think that what he told her had any real importance.  Quite frankly she didn’t care.  Scientists were renowned for being secretive and Doctor Carmack was not an exception.  Samantha on the other hand seemed more than happy to share all her successes with her and it made her job so much easier.  Not to mention exciting.  On the odd occasion she had accompanied Sam on what of the smaller digs and it had been invigorating being able to get out and get her hands dirty for a change.  Not that she didn’t love her job, she did.  But it was nice to get away from the office once in a while, and when you worked a lifetime away from your home planet that wasn’t easy as said and done.


Leaving her small room, she walked down the main hallway of the staff quarters that led out into the main atrium.  Saying a quick good morning to Frank who was the current guard on duty she walked quickly across the circular room that acted as the main meeting point of the archaeology complex and headed towards the staff dining room.  She ate a hurried breakfast of cereal and yoghurt and grabbed a large steaming cup of coffee before heading to her office.  ‘Another day another dollar’ she mumbled to herself.



Samantha Grimm sat staring morosely at the computer screen in front of her.  A frown marred her otherwise pretty face and she appeared deep in concentration.  ‘Bizarre’ she murmured softly to the empty room.  On the screen was a brief memo she had just received from Doctor Carmack outlining his requests for some of Lucy’s DNA.  It was not uncommon for the man to need any of Sam’s work or notes, but what was different in this occasion was that for the past week Doctor Carmack had been spending an inordinate amount of time with Doctor Willits who was head of the Weapons Research division.  Overall the two men generally had little contact as their two facilities had little to nothing in common.  Before she could ponder it further the nano-door engaged and Danielle walked through.  Minimising the screen quickly she turned to face her long time friend.  ‘That smells good’ she said referring to the cup of coffee Dani carried.  ‘I didn’t realise you would be in already or I would have brought you one’ Dani replied.  ‘But I’m in such a good mood that I’m more than happy to share’ a pretty smile lit up her face and Sam wondered if Dani realised how beautiful she was when she smiled.  ‘I’m in such a bad mood that I’ll take you up on that offer’ Sam joked.  She pulled her regular coffee mug from out of her desk draw and walked over to where Dani had sat her coffee.  Pouring half of into her mug she brought it up to her mouth where she inhaled the aroma deeply before taking a hesitant sip.  ‘Mmmm.  Nectar of the Gods.’


The two women quickly started working and the sound of computer keys being pressed was a constant background noise.  It was otherwise peaceful for the rest of the morning until the security alarms installed above the nano-door started up and both women looked up at the machine as if it had come to life.  ‘What the hell?’ Dani muttered.  She looked across the room at Sam a questioning look on her face.  ‘Don’t ask me’ she answered.  ‘Let me see if Pinky knows what’s going on.  She reached across her desk and engaged the main communication interface button.  ‘Pinky?’  ‘Yeah Sam’ he came back.  ‘What’s going on?’  Dani had made her way over to her desk and was looking anxiously over her shoulder at the image of Pinky that dominated her computer screen.  ‘I’m not sure.  Give me a few minutes and I’ll get back to you’.  The computer screen went blank.  ‘I’ve worked here for two years now Sam and I’ve never once seen that alarm go off.  Do you think its something in the Weapons department?’  The very real fear that some nuclear device or other such weapon may have malfunctioned or been accidentally triggered was foremost in her mind.  Crazy bloody scientists... She shook her head acknowledging her own thoughts.  ‘It’s too early to say’ Sam replied calmly.  ‘It may even be a drill or the alarm could’ve been accidentally set off.  I think we should stay put until Pinky gives us the all clear’.  Dani quietly returned to her desk but she was unable to concentrate on work and sat staring at the alarm.  ‘A watched pot never boils Dani’ the voice of her mother echoed in mind.  ‘I know mom I know’.




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